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This week we had a great response on our Monday Facebook Challenge, we had over 50 submissions making us to choose not one but three artists. We are glad to see such talent around and we want to thank you all for your feedback.

Barry Caruso- Leipzig, Germany

BARRY CARUSO is a strong taste in music, a delight to tune into everyday. With beautiful skills, and incredible love to music, this channel go hand in hand with almost any event. Whether your trying to relax on a sunday afternoon, putting on those dancing shoes for a night out on the town, having a dinner party or hosting a memorable house partie, this is the channel that you have to have on in the background, and be sure that there is something for everybody to enjoy. This isn’t just any collection of music, this is music that has been carefully selected and crafted together with fantastic vibe´s that only get better throughout each individual shows. What Barry Caruso does best.

Visit Barry Caruso’s Soundcloud profile

Colin Lem- Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Colin Lem better known as DJ Generation (DG) felt in love with house music about age 10. Some friends were talking about Vato Gonzalez, Quintino, Alvaro, DJ Chuckie and some other dutch house dj’s. He came home and listen to them. He felt in love. Later he tried to make his own music. He started producing hiphop and that kinda stuff. But then some friends told him to try house. So he tried, got better and he became how he is now … DGMUSIC … He’s still producing hiphop.

Visit Colin Lem’s Soundcloud profile

Denis Kakačka- Nižná, Slovakia

I am 17 yrs old and I am producing since December 2011
If u promote me in a Mix or on Youtube please send me a message 🙂
More tracks soon!

Visit Denis Kakačka’s Soundcloud profile