By | April 30th, 2013|Free Kontakt Instruments|

Crypto Cipher has announced the release of Free Rare Percussion, a collection of two Indian ethnic and one experimental percussion Kontakt instruments.

Free Indian Double Sided Hand Drum Kontakt instrument

Hope you are doing great.

We worked on some freebies (hope you ll love these): Pambai- rare South Indian percussion (multisampled and scripted), ThingamaKit- it’s kinda Sfx instrument and Double Sided Hand Drum.

ThingamaKit specifications:

  • ThingamaKit โ€“ SFX Instrument.
  • Sample Size :- 70 MB , 170 Samples
  • Scripted

Pambai specifications:

  • Rare South Indian percussion
  • Master patch + random hits patch
  • Sample size 60 MB
  • 270 samples
  • Multisampled instrument and scripted

Double Sided Hand Drum specifications:

  • Format : Kontakt (NCW)
  • Sample Size : 12 MB , 250 Samples
  • This is a multisampled Instrument โ€“ 10 RR with Low , Mid and High Velocities.
  • Play with the script to get beautiful patterns.

ThingamaKit Demo:

All three Kontakt instruments are available via Facebook. A ‘Like’ is required, but this is not all. After you like the page, you’ll be asked to authorize an application. Then you’ll have to share the page and hopfully a friend of yours will like it in order to finally gain access to the freebies! Which makes you ask yourself what is the meaning of ‘free’ these days… ๐Ÿ™‚


Download: Crypto Cipher releases free – two Indian ethnic and one experimental Kontakt instruments