Saltline releases ADHDidi free VSTi

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adhdidiSaltline has released ADHDidi, a free additive synthesizer (VSTi) for Windows operating systems.

Created for facebook fans as a thanks for their feedback and support, ADHDidi is an additive synthesizer comprising of 16 sine waves tuned to different frequencies (fundamental plus the first 15 harmonics).

Facebook fans were asked what they would like as a free download exclusively for them. We received many suggestions and settled on James Jason Duckett’s idea of creating an additive synthesizer.


  • 16 sine waves (fundamental + first 15 harmonics).
  • Waveform active switch and cascade sync.
  • 32 8 stage envelopes with curve, stage and edit options.
  • 16 envelopes for wave pitch.
  • 16 envelopes for wave volume.
  • State variable filter, Low pass and High pass.
  • Any of the 32 envelopes can be sent to the filter
  • cutoff (amount rotary)
  • Filter resonance.
  • Delay comprising of:-
  • Rate (free/sync)
  • Feedback
  • Mix (Wet/Dry)
  • Pan and reset to centre
  • Glide
  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Pitch Bend Range
  • Midi channel
  • Mono/poly mode
  • Envelope retrigger

In order to download it, a Facebook account is required.

Download: ADHDidi free VSTi

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