By | November 8th, 2013|samples|

sampleria-yamaha-dsr-500-kitSampleria has announced the release of Yamaha DSR-500 Drum Kit, a free pack featuring one shot samples recorded from a vintage Yamaha DSR-500 home keyboard.

Yamaha DSR-500, which uses 4-operator FM synthesis, was launched in 1988 as a basic synthesizer for home use. At that moment, DSR-500 was an ‘ultra-modern keyboard designed with the latest digital technology’, now it only gives memories for me, and a big satisfaction for my little daughter. That’s why, I decided to sample it now, before its final scream.

I sampled the drum rhythms included (16 plus variations) then chopped the individual samples with an audio editor. Expect kicks, snares, hi hats/ open hats and lot of percussions. Also, don’t expect big fat banger drums 🙂 The samples are useful for minimal, electro etc.



  • kicks: 18 samples
  • snares: 10 samples
  • hi hats/ open hats: 14 samples
  • percussions: 31 samples
  • Total of samples: 73
  • raw without any compression or other effects
  • 16 Bit WAV format

Yamaha DSR-500 Drum Kit is available at no cost. No registration required.

More info: Yamaha DSR-500 Free Drum Kit