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the-clarinetHephaestus Sounds has announced the release of The Clarinet, a free sample library for Kontakt by Native Instruments

The Clarinet for Kontakt introduces a new real-time playing concept that combines executive details with easy of use. The Performer Intelligent Technology © automatically adjusts a multitude of variables in order to get a real-time execution with stunning realism. Without any change you can play legato, a chord, staccato, accented, etc. Playing a chord, the legato is activated only for the active phrase during the chord, without cut notes and with different glide for each note interval.

PIT © also uses Modulation controller and key-switches in its work. In this case, Modulation controller switches from the non-vibrato to the vibrato mode in real-time, without sample loadings or cut notes. The key-switches allow you to control attack and release of a note, in real-time. In this case, pressing the C1 key-switch first and then playing a note, the sound results in a slide-up attack. Playing a note first (keeping it pressed), then pressing the C1 key-switch and releasing the note, the sound results in a fall-down ending.


  • 48KHz, 24-bit, Mono sample resolution;
  • Whole samples played, no loops;
  • Hephaestus’ PIT © for a stunning real-time playing;
  • 7 execution modes;
  • Hephaestus’ Expressivity function, to adjust the attack smoothness;
  • Auto key-clicks and breath noises with volume knobs;
  • Presence knob, to adjust the sound power;
  • Breathing knob, to adjust the background blowing noise;
  • Position knob, to move the clarinet near or further across the sound field;
  • Room knob, that manages IR samples to create the sound environment;
  • Reverb knob, to adjust the reverb quantity;
  • Oriental button, that switches to the arabic scale also changing the timbre;
  • Phaser button, that makes active/disactive a phaser FX, good for some genres;
  • Compressed .NKI, 130MB;
  • Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer.

The Clarinet Kontakt instrument is available for free. Download size is 126 MB.

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