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chipshopMidierror has announced the release of Chipshop, a free sample pack featuring 800+ sounds for chiptune music productions.

A free sample pack crammed with over 800 individual samples and 70+ Loops. All recorded direct from C64, AtariSt and Nintendo Gameboy.

The pack contains 844 samples:


[Nanoloop, LSDJ] 91 x Bass, Synth, Lead, Perc and SFX Hits
117 x Sampeld Drum Hits

SID [Cynthcart, Retroskoi] 61 x Bass, Lead and SFX Hits

YM2149 [Various] 36 x Bass Hits
48 x Custom FX
124 Drum Hits
145 x Multi-samples [5 Instruments over 5 octaves] 29 x White Noise Hits
29 x Sampled Hits
110 x SFX Hits
54 x Synth Hits


70 x Loops [22 Full Loops and 48 Drum/Synth Loops]

90% of the samples included have been made by me, but some have been recorded from AtariST games. Please seek legal advice before using these in any commercial work.

Audio demo:

The download size is 388.15MB compressed.

More info:

Chipshop – 800+ samples and loops for Chiptune