Sir J releases The Sir J Sessions: VOL.0 sample pack – over 200 free (real) funk samples!

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SJS Volume 0 COVERSir J has announced the release of The Sir J Sessions: VOL.0, a free sample pack featuring over 200 funk samples and loops in WAV format.

I’ve recently created and released my debut library of a volume series dedicated to Funk Sounds. This edition contains 13 folders holding 223 files such as brass falls and rises, Harmon muted “wah-wah” trumpet phrases, a handful of bass and guitar loops, and tons of MJ-esque vocal stabs and more.

These are NOT throwaway sketches or drafts by any means. Many people who have collaborated with me know that I tend to go well above-and-beyond with extra parts and ideas, and the final product usually only consists of 60 – 80% of all my total parts. If the entire amount of unreleased volumes (and original music albums) that I have could be compared to the size of Planet Earth, then this Volume is practically the size of a small forest or a park… and that is a vast understatement. So, it’s pretty fairly “big,” yes, but I’ve got much, much more content to go through in creating fresh and exciting volumes!

Audio demo:

I’ve downloaded this pack and OMG, it is amazing. I am into funk, funk is my favourite genre and this sample pack simply puts a big smile on my face!

Lot of useful material to work with, from short funk-style synthesized vocals to horn shots, vocal phrases to muted brasses, funny shouts to funky bass slides and slap bass sounds, cool guitar riffs to saxophones and much much more.

With great use in any musical genre, from funk to classic and modern hip hop, pop, urban, techno etc.

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The Sir J Sessions: VOL.0 free sample pack

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