By | December 14th, 2015|Free VST Plugins|

Perez Karjee has announced the release of Awesome Kicker, a free kick drum VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac.

The instrument can be used with any DAW that supports VST/AU, and contains one shot kick drum samples designed for use in various genres of EDM, such as trance, house, techno, electro, hardcore, dubstep, etc.

Video demo:

Awesome Kicker is a simple ROMpler instrument plugin, with the samples distributed over 5 octaves, from C4 to C9. Different kicks for genres mentioned above, the sound of the samples is decent and they’re pretty usable. The plugin comes with an ADSR shaper, although I recommend not to touch it, perhaps some with finer ears than mine will appreciate it. Next we have three controls for pan, a good reverb module and volume.

Given that it comes with a big collection of kick samples packed in a handy compact format, Awesome Kicker is not that awesome, but is really usable. Basic tweaks are permitted, which are a bonus.

Awesome Kicker is now available in various formats including VST Win x86/x64 and VST/AU OSX (installers). The download size is around 12MB compressed.

More info:

Awesome Kicker free kick drum instrument plugin by Perez Karjee