By | September 5th, 2016|VSTi|

With the launch of 808 Bass Module instrument plugin for Windows and Mac, Beatmaker is also offering a free “Lite” version of it.

The stripped-down version is fully functional and features ADSR controls, pitch bend, glide and distortion effects. The main difference from the full version is that it has only 10 presets as compared to 160. And speaking of the full version, it is now on sale (introductory offer) for just €9.95, 75% off regular price.

Both free and commercial version are easy to use, well optimized (ultra Low CPU usage).

808 Bass Module Lite is suitable for hip hop, trap, trip-hop, EDM or any other electronic styles where an 808 bass is needed. The plugin is 100MB compressed in size (184MB extracted on disk).

In order to download 808 Bass Module Lite, a valid email address is required for the link.

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Free 808 Bass Module Lite by Beatmaker