Itchy has announced the release of Itchy Dubstep, a free VSTi pack specially crafted for dubstep music.

These synths were developed by Itchy with dubstep and drum and bass specifically in mind, but you can also use them in any genre.

There are banks of patches within each synth and at the end of the banks there are Init settings which can be used as a starting block to creating your own patches.

Itchy recommends this as these synths were build to try to be as user friendly as possible to help people starting out in sound creation.

Seismik – three oscillator synth consisting of an LFO which is then controled by another LFO. This enables you to get complex modulations and create mad wobbles.

Punch has three oscillators which are sent to an envelope with hard routed sustain and release settings. This enables you to create stabs and hits with ease.

Skyscraper has three oscillators with separate envelopes to sculpt sounds. Best for pads and leads.

Resonance has four pumping oscillators and an analogue sounding filter to add maximum warmth to your basslines. Each oscillator has dedicated volume controls. Best for monster basses.

Subbsonic. This two oscillators synth combines basic wave shapes to a modified filter to create huge subbasses.

Wonkey – combines three basic oscillators with one graphic oscillator to create mad sounds.


Free Itchy Dubstep VSTi pack