By Stephen Rich|2015-02-11T17:52:08+00:00March 19th, 2010|flp|

I found this file in my computer, it is a turbo-folk melody I made about 2 years ago just for fun.

NOTE: I used Luxonix Purity VSTi for this project. This plugin is NOT in the file.

Turbo-folk is a popular musical sub-genre that originated in Serbia, Balkans. Though it is closely associated with performers from Serbia, it continues to be very popular in the other former Yugoslav republics, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

Additionally, turbo-folk is also present in Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and Greece where it is enjoyed alongside Chalga, Arabesk and Laïka, the corresponding local genres. A very similar style of music is popular in Romania, where it is known as Manele. Together with Romanian Manele, Bulgarian Chalga and Greek Laïka, the genres go under the name of Pop-folk.

Audio demo:


Free FLP File: Turbo-Folk Song