Philips SAA-1099 Sound Chip sample pack

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Philips SAA-1099 sample pack is a free pack created by Little-Scale, which consists in over 100 samples recorded from Philips SAA1099 sound generator, a 6-voice sound chip used in the 80’s on devices like SAM Coupé computer.

I have made a copyright-free and license-free sample pack of the Phillips SAA-1099 sound generator chip. It is a very straightforward sample pack, consisting of 96 pitched samples and 16 noise samples, across a range of frequencies. These samples have been recorded from hardware. The audio output stage of the sound chip has not been filtered.

There are available 2 download versions: compressed (MP3 files) and uncompressed- 16 Bit WAV files.  Philips SAA-1099 sample pack is available for free download on Little-Scale.

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More info: Philips SAA-1099 Sound Chip sample pack

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