Ourafilmes has released Ourafilmes Facebook PACK (VST/ Reaktor – PC/MAC), a free pack featuring 19 VST effects, 4 VST synthesizers, Phat Waves (Reaktor synth), the last version of Invictus 1 – version 1.5 and a new and exclusive samplepack by Dr. Speaker Blower.

Even better news for you! Each time our facebook page hits 1000 likes, there will be a new free pack with more VST plugins and Reaktor stuff.

Pack specs:

  • 3 new effects: M/S EQ, Ranger and Ranger LE.
  • Bonus vst effects: Space Verb, Mad Dog Filter, Distorted Flanger, SB-1 FX, SB-2 FX, SB-3 FX, The Ring, Master, Spitfire D-Lay, Phase Distortion (beta), CoP Tape Delay, Stereo to Mono, Tuga Bass Bus, Tuga Distortion, Tuga Eq and Tuga HPF.
  • 4 vst synthesizers: Lusus 2.0, Rufius CoP (until now an exclusive synth for a portuguese forum), the bassliner SB-1 and SB-2.
  • Reaktor synths Phat Waves and the last update of Invictus 1: the version 1.5!
  • Also includes a huge and exclusive futuristik samplepack by Dr. Speaker Blower with new 24 bit WAV fresh sounds!

In order to download this pack you’ll need to ‘Like’ Ourafilmes Facebook fan page.