Finally, someone made it! The Pringles Drum Kit, the missing link in the music industry!!! Mildon Studio decided to have some fun with a half empty box of Pringles chips, the result is a… delicious drum kit in SFZ format. Next time when I will eat something, I will look beyond. Music is unlimited!

This famous canister starts crackling as soon as it leaves the table and doesn’t stop until you put it back down. With a little effort and the right slapping/shaking/tapping/chip-scratching/biting technique, we’ve turned this potato crisp popper into a complete drum machine.

We didn’t do a lot of processing to the samples to preserve the raw crumby sound, except for a few slaps and taps that had to be layered to get the ‘kick’ and ‘snare’ to sound big enough. A little bluemix here and there, some compression, that’s it.  

For all Pringles fans, go and get it! The Pringles Drum Kit in SFZ format.



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