Analogue Techno Synth Loops by Spunkface Samplers

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Spunkface Samplers has announced the release of Analogue Techno Synth Loops, a commercial sample pack featuring 250+ synth loops produced by Secret-Music, an independent record label based in London, UK.

Analogue Techno Synth Loops by Spunkface Samplers

Analogue Techno Synth Loops was produced with a large array of synthesizer including Access Virus C, DSI Evolver , DSI Mopho Keyboard, DSI Tetr4, Elektron MachineDrum, Elektron Monomachine, Elektron Octatrack, Novation KS Rack, Waldorf Q Rack, Waldorf XT every one of these synths was run through the Empirical Labs Distressor and the Joemeek SC2 and everything was sequenced on the dynamic beast the Octatrack.

As you can see from that impressive list you are truly getting a huge array of synths to choose from. Instead of having to spend thousands of pounds on equipment you can get the true sound of these analogue synths in one techno sample pack. And to help you out each loop is name with the synth that it was created with.


Analogue Techno Synth Loops costs £14.90.

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