Cinematic Synthetic Drums – free Kontakt instrument released by Impact Soundworks

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Impact Soundworks has announced Cinematic Synthetic Drums, a free Kontakt instrument weighting over 300 MB of drum sounds (bass drums, snares, hi hats, crashes etc) plus bonus drones, reverses, stabs and more.

The concept for Cinematic Synthetic Drums (or simply, “CSD”) was simple enough: many modern film, TV and game scores use a rich variety of both acoustic and electronic material. In particular, composers often seek crisp electronic drums that fit nicely alongside orchestral and melodic synth sounds.

However, most electronic drum libraries consist of rehashed drum machine sounds as opposed to new and exciting material. So, we made our own, using subtractive synthesis, FM, wavetable, additive and many other types of sound generation and mangling techniques.

Demo tracks:

This drum library requires at least Kontakt 4 and 300 MB of disk space. In order to downlaod this great instrument, you’ll need to complete a short form.

More info: Cinematic Synthetic Drums

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