Hiss and a Roar releases Contact Mic XMAS 2012

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Hiss and a Roar has released Contact Mic XMAS 2012, a free sample pack featuring 247 MB of sounds in 24 Bit WAV format.

First is a brand new but redundant VHS video deck someone gave me which I promptly pulled to pieces and tortured, then are some little wind up toys that I recorded sitting on top of an old 16mm film canister. Third is a strange little prop: an antique herb grinder that I bought in a junk store, which has a great squeak that can be performed at various speeds. Fourth are some sounds I made on my modular synth – analogue synthesis is one form of religion I subscribe to – watch your bass bins is all I can say! Fifth is a green watering can – the kind of practical Xmas present you might like, but as it is metal and very resonant I managed to extract some unique sounds from it when it contained a little bit of water & I could bend the pitch of the resonance. And lastly are some very strange glass squeaks!

This pack is available for registered users, registration is easy and free.

More info: Contact Mic XMAS 2012

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