MHorse PreMaster Processor 1.3 by Terry West

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Terry West has released MHorse, a free master multichannel processor VST plugin for Windows.

MHorse PreMaster Processor 1.3 VST (Windows).

Another alternative for the CS12M series plugins.
Smaller gui, less options for faster results.


  • Bypass.
  • EQ Bypass.
  • Seperate In-Output gain with Pan.
  • Output -3dB option.
  • 13 graphic bands.
  • 4 Q wide settings.
  • Serial/Parallel EQ modes.
  • Decardboard, Punch, Body and Shine (39K) modes.
  • MS Clarity processor.
  • NY compressor Solo + Motown eq.
  • Tape saturator.
  • DC remover.
  • MS Stereo Widener.
  • Lopass/hipass filters.
  • EQ 12-10-8-6 dB switches.
  • Invert output switch.
  • Led output meters with peak/peakhold leds.
  • Pan peak/correlation meter.
  • Input/output Peak leds.
  • Auto Gain Control for effects.
  • Effects energy meters.
  • Solo left/right channel.
  • Tooltips. 

This plugin is awailable for free on Terry West’s website.

More info: MHorse PreMaster Processor 1.3

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