Prime Loops release Club Dance Anthems

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Prime Loops has released Club Dance Anthems, a collection of pro synth leads, basslines, drum loops and SFX suitable for modern dance music, urban, club and more.

Loaded to maximum capacity with 6 professionally crafted construction kits, Club Dance Anthems allows you to strip these anthemic mixes down to their bare elements so you can rebuild them into your own infectious bangers, ready to unleash on the unsuspecting clubbers waiting for their next shot of audio adrenaline!

Club Dance Anthems offers an energizing array of Synth Hooks, Basslines, Guitar loops, Sidechained FX and so much more. We’ve covered every last component required to construct your own astounding anthems, from the bassiest of essentials to those thumping drum one-shots to smash your tunes sky high!

Club Dance Anthems is available for £17.95.

More info: Club Dance Anthems

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