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Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Transistor Revolution, a commercial collection of instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. Transistor Revolution is a recreation of Roland TR-808 and Roland TR-909 vintage electronic drum machines.

After gravitating towards the most influential drum machines ever created (namely the TR-808 and TR-909) we soon discovered the extreme depth of focus needed to faithfully capture the tone, immediacy and groove of the original instruments.

2 years on, after a lot of research and development (and 22,000 samples later) we arrived at what we believe to be the most accurate emulation of these classic drum machines ever created… Transistor Revolution, our virtual analogue drum machine inspired by the classic TR-808 and TR-909 electronic drum machines of the 1980’s.


Transistor Revolution is available for £59.95 on Wave Alchemy. A free demo version is also available.

More info: Transistor Revolution

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