Aquest releases AquesTone2 – free vocal synthesizer VSTi

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Aquest has released AquesTone2, a free vocal synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

AquesTone2 is a software-based vocal synthesizer. You will be able to easily generate the singing voice from MIDI data and a lyrics file. You can also use a MIDI keyboard with real-time performance.


  • Real-time generation of a singing voice from MIDI data and a lyrics file.
  • Lyrics file can be edited with a text editor (uses ASCII or Shift JIS character code).
  • Uses Japanese full phoneme set.
  • Low CPU usage.

This plugin is available for free. Download hint: because the site is in Japanese, downloading the file it might be tricky, so, the download link is located under the (scrolling) licence field, just click the button (where it writes ‘AquesTone2 Ver.2.0.1’).

More info and download link: AquesTone2 VSTi

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