Atom Hub releases Mr. Pot free Kontakt library

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Atom Hub has released Mr. Pot, a free Kontakt percussion sample library created with sounds recorded from a steel cooking pot.

Hi friends, hopefully holidays refreshed all of you and your start to new year was also great ! I have some new libraries out, one is completely FREE for you… its name is “Mr. Pot”

It is a cooking pot we use in the kitchen. This buddy has (besides beeing good
at spaghetti cooking) also good voice, so after a few minutes of reasoning it was so kind and let me record its sounds.


  • 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
  • 52 MB (289 single wav files)
  • 10 nki´s
  • 25 cm steel pot played, knocked,
  • tapped with palms, fingertips and
  • knuckles on all its parts
  • 10 x round robin

Demo track:


More info and download link: Mr Pot by Atomic Hub

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