Kruud VSTi free synthesizer updated to version 1.0

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Xenobioz has released an updated version of Kruud (v 1.0 with lot of changes since the beta version). Kruud VSTi is a hybrid synthesizer with a lot of modulation capabilities.

You can modulate the pitch of the oscillator with 2 modulators which can be scaled and quantized. User waveforms and standard waveforms have different modulation options.

The user waveforms has different modes were you can morph, mix between two waveforms, or you can do PWM on the A waveform. The standard oscillators have PWM and phase modulation.

Changes in current version:

  • An improved GUI with a new waveform editor.
  • New menus.
  • A better looking skin.
  • Less CPU on user waveforms.

Kruud is available for free as VST instrument plugin.

More info: Kruud VSTi

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