announces two new free Kontakt instruments: Jackson Pro Series and Pink Tambourine

By | 2016-11-07T13:49:38+00:00 January 27th, 2013|Free Kontakt Instruments| has released two free Kontakt instruments: Jackson Pro Series, a bass guitar instrument and Pink Tambourine, an instrument created with samples recorded from a Toca TCT10-PK 10 inch Colorsound Tambourine.

I would like to share two free kontakt instruments I’ve created. I’m currently learning how to create virtual instruments by simply doing it.

1. Jackson Pro Series guitar sample pack for Kontakt. It contains power-chords and palm-mutes. Recorded dry through a LINE 6 UX2. There are 9 (random) round robin layers for each chord. I’m currently sampling the whole instrument.

2. Sampled Toca TCT10-PK 10 inch Colorsound Tambourine. Recorded with an SM57 mic in a padded cardboard box. It has 5 (random) round robin layers, each containing 8 individual hits. It is a very loud tambourine.

They are currently in beta (but fully working), and additional tweaks might be made on the instruments. I’m working on getting my site up and running, as I intend to release more instruments in the coming year. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them.

Download: Jackson Pro Series
Download: Pink Tambourine

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