Tonebuilder releases Driven Machine Drums Free – 66 drum samples

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Tonebuilder has released a collection of 66 drum samples taken from his Driven Machine Drums commercial sample set. They work in various drum machines and synthesizers: Geist/Guru, Maschine, Ableton, MPC Renaissance/Studio and Elektron Octatrack. And, of course, they’re FL Studio ready!

A mini-collection of 66 new drum sounds. It’s free, take it! Comes with 24-bit Wav/Aif, 16-bit Wav + 24-bit EXS-24 and Kontakt Mappings.

Make sure to play with the envelopes on your sampler/software. Like Driven Machine Drums STRIKES BACK!!, the samples will respond like compressors/gates by adjusting the hold and decay stages. (AHD envelopes)

The samples also have carefully textural changes so you can easily achieve 10+ natural/organic variations per sample with different envelope settings… like hardware.


  • Available in:
    • 24-bit Wav
    • 24-bit Aif
    • 16-bit Wav
    • 24-bit EXS-24
    • 24-bit Kontakt

More info and download link: Driven Machine Drums Free

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