Beat Assist releases A-Kit – 17 free VST effect plugins

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Beat Assist has released A-Kit, a free pack featuring 17 essential VST plugins for music productions. The collection contains 10-Band EQ, FIlter, Chorus, Compressor, D-S-ER, Flanger, Maximizer, Mono Delay, Panick (Panning Machine), Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Reverb and much more.

This free pack brings the most common virtual machines, combinning the Beat Assist’s (Duarte Vinagre) own creations along with some of Dave Haupt’s Book Examples machines that are found very consistant for this purpose.

The two pearls of A-Kit are the 10-Band EQ and the Dakilla Filter.

Remember that some of these plugins are near by clones of Dave Haupt’s Book Examples like the Phaser, the Flanger or the Vocoder, using some modifications by Beat Assist (Duarte Vinagre).

This collection of plugins is absolutely free.

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