kFootsteps – free Kontakt library by Alejandro Cabrera

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Alejandro Cabrera has released kFootsteps, a freeware Kontakt library created with footsteps audio samples. It is suitable for sound editors and foley artists in their process of adding footsteps to a scene.

The user will no longer have to record, cut and synchronize footsteps (which many times is a secondary, yet very tiring thing to do) and on the contrary, with the help of a MIDI controller (or even with mouse clicks!), he’ll be able to take care of the talent’s steps in an extremely reduced amount of time. This way, he’ll have plenty of time to take care of what’s important in his project.

The Library gives the opportunity to the user to choose from a different amount of pairs of shoes over different surfaces.


kFootsteps is absolutely free and donations are welcomed. If you need a specific pair of shoes or surface for your project, you can request them.
New pairs of shoes and new surfaces will be periodically added for free in order to make the library bigger and even more helpful.

Download: kFootsteps – free Kontakt library by Alejandro Cabrera

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