2016-11-07T13:49:30+00:00By Stephen Rich|Free Synth Presets|

Zeitaugen.de has released The Spectrum Soundset by CHE 2013, a free soundbank for the discoDSP – Discovery Pro VST instrument.

The Spectrum Soundset by CHE 2013 – free soundset for Discovery Pro


  • Name: The ‘ Spectrum ‘ Soundset
  • Format: Soundbank
  • For: Discovery Pro v5.6
  • Preset Design by: CHE
  • Release: March 2013
  • Inside: 64 Presets
  • Genre: Various
  • Price: Free

This soundset is available for free on Zeitaugen.de. There, you can also download tons of various free presets/ soundbanks for popular virtual instruments like TranceDrive, V-Station, Adventus, Dune, Gladiator, Sawer and much more.

Download: The Spectrum Soundset by CHE 2013