HG Fortune releases free Astral Dreamer VSTi public beta

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HG Fortune has announced the release of Astral Dreamer, a free VST synthesizer instrument for Windows featuring 3 PCM wave oscillators each with 128 waves plus additional harmonics shaper.

Here is a public beta for you to check (does include a manual ~85% finished).
There are no patches inside just a bank of init patches. If you want to contribute patches please let me know

It does feature a completely new set of waves never been used in prior plugins though a few have been used for the Wusikstation soundset ‘Analog Realms’ and some in the Soundset ‘Alien Vanguard’ for Waldorf Blofeld pushing this hardware synth into the HG Fortune world of sounds. 

This VST instrument is available for free download via KVR forums.

More info: Free Astral Dreamer VSTi

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