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Streifentier has released Stripofone I, a great sounding and free Kontakt instrument described by its author like a combination between sampled Glockenspiel and a “MIDI-Chord-Arpeggiator”.

The basic principle of the instrument is very simple: You set the kind of chord the instrument should play (via the interface or via keyswitches), and you hit a key. The instrument will then play the chord or feed the chord notes (up to 7 including the root note) to the Arpeggiator. There are 10 kinds of chords, of course the indispensable “major” and “minor”, but also some less frequently used chords.

The purpose of the instrument is actually not to provide some music-making device for non-musicians. The stripofone can make it very easy to produce a basic structure for a song both rhythmic and melodic, and it can effortlessly give some variation to the chords of a song due to some randomization features (so that the chord will have a different sound each time you hit the same key), and – at least for me – it is quite fun to play with. Also by giving easy access to some less well-known chords it might be a source of inspiration and an incentive to try out something new in your compositions.


This instrument is available for NI Kontakt 5 only and is totally free.
Follow this forum thread for more information.

Download: Stripofone I free Kontakt instrument

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