Venom VB-303 – free VSTi inspired by Roland TB-303

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Anton Lyubenov Savov has announced the release of  Venom VB-303, a free acid bassline VST instrument inspired by the famous Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer.


  • Plugin I/O:
    • MIDI Input: Yes
    • Audio Output: 1
  • Virtual Analog Synthesizer:
    • Voices: 1 (monophonic)
    • Oscillator: Sawtooth / Square
    • Filter: Diode Ladder
    • Audio Output: 1 (monaural)
    • Internal Oversampling: 4x (Osc, Filter, Dist)
  • Sequencer:
    • Patterns: 128 (8x2x8)
    • Tracks: 16
    • Total memory: 4.5kB
    • Master sync: Internal Sync
    • Slave sync: Host Sync / MIDI
    • External sequencing: MIDI Play

Follow this forum thread at KVR Audio for more plugin details and feedback.

Download: Venom VB-303

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