2016-11-07T13:49:15+00:00By Stephen Rich|Free Synth Presets|

the-fxb-project-new-directives-2The FXB Project has announced the release of New Directives 2, a free collection of 128 sounds for IL DirectWave VSTi.

There are lots of presents with stacked waveforms.
I also created 2 dual cycle waveforms to test the results. Some other presets use 1 attack wave (one shot) + single cicle waves for sustained sound.

These sounds are just my first experiments with DW possibilities. Some other ideas are coming to my mind and I’ll explore them in future releases. Comments and criticisms about the quality of sounds will be very appreciated.

More info: New Directives 2 – 128 free presets for IL DirectWave VSTi