Lost In 70’s releases JAMP – free guitar amp VST

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jamp-tubeLost In 70’s has released JAMP is a free versatile guitar amp VST effect plugin based on real tube emulation.

All filters are IIR to reduce processing delay (less than 0.5 ms).

The cabinet simulation does not include room effect has generally found for this kind of simulation (its simulates only spectral characteristics of cabinet). So its sounds very dry if you hear it with a headphone, but for me its sound better if you play in a real room trough flat loudspeaker. Its sounds also better in mix (less fuzzy).



  • 4 channels : cean, crunch (light), overdrive, distortion.
  • Pre gain is to adjust the amount of drive.
  • 1 Equalizer.
  • 2 included srping reverb models whith adjustable reverb level.
  • 5 cabinet emulations.

JAMP Tube comes without any GUI, it will look like a FL Studio native plugin.

More info: JAMP Tube VST

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