RunBeerRun releases three free VST plugins

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runbeerrunRunBeerRun has announced the release of Note hold blasters, Midi hammer and GlitchHead, three new free VST effect plugins for Windows operating systems.

Note hold blasters delays note-off events for up to 2 seconds. It only processes a monophonic MIDI stream, and was made to assist with audio to MIDI software that suffers from choppy note transitions.

Midi hammer is a midi lfo effect where a clock syncs the lfo, there’s a couple modes, it was built to be modulated by CC64(lfo amount)to sweep a range by using a momentary pedal.

GlitchHead is a realtime glitch (stutter) effect to be triggered by CC#64. It is always recording snippets of incoming audio, then playing it back and recording over it, according to a table of fixed values that are swept by an LFO, producing a choppy glitch effect. The sound also varies in pitch and playback rate slightly as triggered by a clocked rate.

The plugins are freeware.

More info: RunBeerRun

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