Multiples Pro releases E|Snares Vol 2 and Dust : Dune

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e-snares-2Multiples Pro has announced the release of two new free sample packs: E|Snares Vol 2, a collection of 64 different snares ranging from the raw originals to the filtered squeals and Dust : Dune– 10 synthesised sounds multi-sampled from c1-c3.

Dust : Dune

Dune recently crossed our paths here at Multiples Pro via the slimline version given away for free by Computer Music magazine.

We are great believers here that synthesisers work well doing different things based on their architecture and with this we thought it was a monster synth for those big electro leads and basses and felt it was ready for the Dust treatment.

E|Snares vol2

This time we have deliberately gone for Snare drums and not claps although we will most likely do a pack of this nature before we released another Kit Arsenal.

That being said, snares provide the skip and the rhythm in which the beat of your tracks skip along and with this release we have created 16 brand new snares using Reasons Kong drum synthesiser.

These were then given the FX treatment using Guitar Rig, Roughrider and Frohmage to provide a wealth of samples that can be used across all genres of music.

E|Snares Vol 2 and Dust: Dune are available for instant download at no cost.

More info: E|Snares Vol 2 and Dust : Dune

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