SonicXTC releases Deep Step-606 free step sequencer VSTi

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deep-step-606SonicXTC has released Deep Step-606, a free step sequencer VST instrument for Windows operating systems.

New free step sequencer controlled dual oscillator synthesizer, Deep Step-606, contains a base version of the Deep-606 synth engine. Deep Step-606 recreates the power, creativity and energy of a classic synth coupled with a vintage analog step sequencer. Sounds are triggered when the step sequencer is running or when you input a step.

It comes loaded with 70 presets to get you started but Deep Step-606 is designed for live tweaking. All sound programs created in freeware Deep-Mono are compatible for loading into Deep Step-606.


  • 128 user presets.
  • 70 custom presets.
  • Sync to Host.
  • Doppler Chorus, Stereo Echo effect.
  • VST 2.4.


Deep Step-606 is available at no cost.

More info: Deep Step-606 free step sequencer VSTi

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