The Unfinished releases FM8 Akheron + 38 free presets

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fm8-akheronThe Unfinished has released a free collection of presets for Native Instruments FM8 taken from its FM8 Akheron soundset. The full collection (commercial) consists of 150 patches.

Aimed at atmospheric film scoring and deep electronica, FM8 Akheron features crisp, metallic leads; powerful, rattling basslines; evocative, crystalline pads; eerie, atonal landscapes; penetrating, dynamic sequences; and huge, noisy basses.

FM synthesis is often seen as convoluted and unwieldy. And it is. However, in producing FM8 Akheron I have realised it is also beautiful and expansive – and hopefully this new soundset provides sonic territory not yet explored with previous The Unfinished releases.

FM8 Akheron provides a wide sonic palette; from dark shadows to incandescent light. There is a haunting fragility and also a brutal strength. It is equally at home in the blood-curdling terror of a horror soundtrack as it is in the luminescent joy of an ambient project.


The free collection contains 38 presets in NFM8 and KSD formats.

More info: FM8 Akheron soundbank

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