Rhythmic Robot releases Doctor 33 – free percussion instrument for Kontakt

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doctor33Rhythmic Robot has released Doctor 33, a free percussion instrument for Kontakt featuring sampled from a Boss DR33 analogue metronome unit.

Doctor 33 is a strange little creation from those funky folk at Boss. Unlike its big brothers, the Doctor 55 and Doctor 110 beatboxes, Doctor 33 isn’t a drum machine – it’s a metronome. Still, it creates a variety of little analogue clicks, blips and ticks which have a fun percussive style of their own; it hosts four combinable onboard rhythms, which we’ve tempo-synced to your host DAW (these include triplets, which can be rather cool); and we’ve grafted on a “Tone” control which actually brings a strongly resonant gritty-sounding filter to bear on the metronome sounds. Sweep this while the rhythms are playing and you can get some odd, engaging effects going, particularly if you layer it over a proper drum beat.

The percussive sounds can be level-adjusted and panned, and played along with the onboard rhythms if you wish. All in all, Doctor 33 is a neat little box for adding some analogue oddness to the background of your beats.

This Kontakt instrument is available at no cost. Registration is required.

More info: Doctor 33 free percussion instrument for Kontakt

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