The Unfinished releases Kuu Tuu – free soundset for Tyrell N6 VSTi

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kuu-tuuThe Unfinished has announced the release of Kuu Tuu, a free soundset featuring 64 presets for Tyrell N6 VST instrument by

I decided to do a new soundset after u-he updated their free Tyrell N6 synth. So this collection of noises takes advantage of all the new tweaks and features, including the added chorus effect.

Kuu Tuu follows on from the original Kuu collection, providing oldskool analogue synth basses, pads, sequences and leads. The emphasis is on punchy and warm sounds that can be turned to a variety of genres. Though the soundset is small at 64 sounds, Kuu Tuu can be used in electro, dubstep, soundtrack, ambient, chillwave, drum n bass and breaks, to great effect.


If you don’t have Tyrell N6 VST instrument, you can download it for free here.

Download: Kuu Tuu free soundset for Tyrell N6 VSTi

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