Daniel Stawczyk releases Light Impressions and Thirty for Brzoza – free SubBoomBass & Brzoza soundsets

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danielsDaniel Stawczyk has released Light Impressions and Thirty for Brzoza, two new free soundsets for Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass, respectively Brzoza- free VSTi by Saltline.

Light Impressions is a bank of free 45 presets being the light variations of SBB factory presets. The bank also includes the new presets as a foretaste of the commercial bank to be released soon.

Thirty for Brzoza is a bank of free 30 presets for Brzoza of Drzewo Series by Saltline. It is also my “Thank you” to its creator who has given this marvelous instrument such an original name.

All the presets have ModWheel and Aftertouch applied.

SubBoomBass is a commercial VST instrument, while Brzoza is freeware, in case you don’t have it already, you can download it here for free.

Download: Light Impressions and Thirty for Brzoza – free soundsets

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