Tek’it Audio updates Genobazz 2 free bass VSTi to v2.4

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Tek’it Audio has announced the updated version of the Genobazz 2 (v2.4)- free bass synthesizer plugin (Windows VSTi).

This updates includes new features like the semitone controls on the pitch, a Zero-Delay-Feedback State Variable filter, some bugs fixed, updated preset banks including the 8 new presets from and a slightly revamped GUI.

Changes in Genobazz 2.4:

  • BUG performance options are not correctly saved with preset, resolved.
  • Added semitone controls to pitch.
  • Added Zero Delay-Feedback version of the 36dbLP State variable filter.
  • Added 8 new preset to the default bank and improved some other ones.
  • Unneeded plug-in parameters removed.
  • Support URL updated.
  • GUI Improved Right click menu on Pitch knob.
  • GUI Info screen updated.
  • GUI Deleted the Filter word in some filter names.
  • User Manual updated.

Genobazz 2 is available at no cost; no registration needed.

More info:

Genobazz 2 – free bass VSTi

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