Odo intros DreamDrums beta free drum machine

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dreamdrumsOdo has released DreamDrums beta, a free drum machine VST instrument plugin for Windows.

Hi all, I have to work on the GUI and presets but I’m to f*cking sick to work on it.
DreamDrums is freeware and not a 808 or 909 etc. But it can be close to the 606 and 808. Still, I hope you like it and if you want to help me with a better GUI and/ or presets, ideas are always welcome.

One thing for the noise- if you use a lot of tone you will not hear the pitch of the noise, so turn that down. For the first time I like a drum plugin I made, hope will be even better.

DreamDrums beta is available as freeware, Windows 32 bit VST version.

Download: DreamDrums beta free drum machine

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