Audio-Assault releases GrindMachine free guitar amp sim

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anim2Audio-Assault has released GrindMachine Free, a high gain guitar amp simulator available in VST 32-bit/64-bit for Windows. This version comes with 1 German amp and 3 cabinets (cabinet bypass is disabled on GrindMachine Free).

GrindMachine, The most agressive guitar amplifier to date!

GrindMachine is the Amp Locker everyone has been waiting for, 10 of the most sought-after legendary hi-gain amps in existence at your fingertips.

GrindMachine coupled with 20 Dynamically Modeled Cabinets definitely gives any metal guitarist an arsenal of pure high-gain tones with just a few clicks of a mouse.


The commercial version costs $29.99, for this price you receive 10 realistic high gain amplifier models and 20 dynamically modeled speaker cabinets.

More info: GrindMachine Free

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