Navi Retlav Studio releases Dirty Transistor Bass Free Demo Pack

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dirty-transistor-bassNavi Retlav Studio has announced the release of a free demo pack of its recent Dirty Transistor Bass commercial collection. Dirty Transistor Bass Demo Pack contains 147 MB (117 MB RAR) of WAV loops and one shots created with the Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer.

For the first time ever, Navi Retlav Studio jumped out of the ReFill development and made a pure WAV sample pack that can be used in any DAW you like. You gonna to love it, coz it’s all about TB-303 sounds.

Especially for you, we designed 280 WAV loops in 35 flavors and styles ranging from 80 up to 185 BPM. Each of the 35 loop sets has been carefully designed to provide you with everything from the gentle sound with a bit of analog saturation, up to the legendary raging squelchy and screaming resonances treated with brutal multi-band distortions. This sample pack, also includes 150 WAV one-shot samples with sustain loop points. It makes them ready to use in any software or hardware sampler, which turns them into fully playable instruments that can be used not only as bass sounds, but also as the higher pitched gritty lead.

This sample pack was made with love to fat distortion and aggressive lines, so it makes it perfect to boost the energy of every modern music production.


Dirty Transistor Bass Demo Pack content:

  • 40 basslines (loops)
  • 10 bass shots
  • Total: 50 samples

Dirty Transistor Bass Demo Pack is available via Navi Retlab Studio, registration is not required.

More info: Dirty Transistor Bass Free Demo Pack

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