Beatassist releases MEQ-10 free 10-band equalizer

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meq-10Beatassist has announced the release of MEQ-10, a free 10-band equalizer with -12/+12dB on gain performance and 2 octaves bandwidth control, featuring 5 filter modes.

This plugin has a frequency analyser spectrum view that can be maximized featuring several options.
By using the maximized window of the frequency analiser, the user can toogle from a full mode, with both Left and Right spectrums, to just full/Left or full/Right, plus a split viewing where the window splits for both L/R spectrums.

This frequency analyser also counts with a speed rate response from 5 to 40hz, and a toggle mode for Original and Equalised signal for fast spectrum comparison.
Master volume and master pan controls are also a part of this effect.

MEQ-10 works as a SEND effect wich means it works as an Auxiliary in an hardware mixer receiving audio from any channel.

MEQ-10 free 10-band equalizer is available for instant download via beatassist.

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MEQ-10 free 10-band equalizer

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