bigcat instruments releases D. Smolken’s Double Bass free Kontakt instrument

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Double Bassbigcat instruments has announced the release of D. Smolken’s Double Bass, a freee instrument for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

It has Arco samples up and down in 5 velocity layers and sampled roughly every third note. Also there are Pizzicato samples in 3 velocity layers and again roughly every third note but with 4 round robins and instrument sound effects for both arco and pizzicato.

The original samples are © 2013 D. Smolken. This multisampled double bass by D. Smolken is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Consider this Kontakt version to be the same. This instrument can be used commercially as long as credit is given to D. Smolken.

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D. Smolken’s Double Bass free Kontakt instrument

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