Seamless releases Free Fifty Vol 1 – 50 free reese bass samples + FL Studio project file

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seamlessSeamless has released Free Fifty Vol 1, a free collection containing 50 reese basses created with Harmor and Sytrus VST instruments in FL Studio. As a bonus- the tutorial FLP file featuring all the raw basses is included.

Hi, I’m Seamless, and today I have for everyone 50 bass samples + the project I used to make them fo’ free!

Basically what’s up is one of the goals on my Patreon campaign is that I’ll make 50 free bass samples a month for as long as that goal is maintained. The next goal is to include the project in the pack. Both of those have been met! 😀 So everyone gets free samples + the project!

Video tutorial:

For more FL Studio tutorials, you can visit Seamless’ Youtube channel by clicking here.

More info:

Free Fifty Vol 1 collection (download links are in video description)

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  1. tman May 4, 2017 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    guys please help me to download these flps

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