WOK releases Stretcha and PhymoXS free VST instruments

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wok-newWOK has announced the release of two new free plugins: Stretcha– free simple time stretching plugin for extreme long sample stretching and PhymoXS, a free Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesizer.

Open Stretcha like a VST instrument in your host. You need to LOAD a WAV-file and press PLAY to hear it. POS should be AUTO for the first tries for automatic playback seek.
All controls have a hint text, are automatable and CC controllable.

PhymoXS is a simple try for physical modeling with Karplus Strong Algo.

PhymoXS is freeware. That’s why sometimes a small windows appears to promote our plugins.

Audio demos:

Stretcha and PhymoXS are available for free via WOK’s Facebook fan page. Both plugins are for Windows (VST).

More info:

Stretcha – free simple time stretching plugin
PhymoXS – free Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesizer

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  1. zoink Dec 1, 2016 at 3:57 am - Reply

    Garbage teaser. It sounds sort of crappy, but good enough to use if you wanted something quick. It’s touted as being free, but the loser who wrote this removed all links to any download, making it, guess what? USELESS. How can you use something you can’t even download? Even worse, there are links to this everywhere. By “this” I mean links to places to see a Picture and hear a few sounds or see a 2 min video, but no way to obtain it. It is useless. Sorry to sound ungrateful, but there’s nothing ot be grateful for because I spend an hour looking and hour of my time and life are gone that I will not get back. Time is money. I actually lose money looking for this fools vaperware or TeaseWare.

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