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Myloops has announced the release of Miracles Volume 1, a free progressive house template using the Spire synthesizer from Reveal-Sound. Miracles Volume 1 is available for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Logic Pro.

This is a progressive house mini-template using the Spire synthesizer from Reveal-Sound. You can download and open up the template in your favorite sequencer. You can play around with it, learn from the mixing, MIDI files and FX chains, build around it and use some parts in your own productions. The template is available in the following sequencers : Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase and Logic Pro.

The mini-template is a short 32 bars long arrangement produced by Nick Sazonov (Insight) who has already created amazing content for Myloops : the Revelations Volume 9 template, a brilliant Diva soundset and our best-selling ES2 soundset. It could be the buildup of a progressive house production. As simple as it may be, it contains some of the essential bricks in prog house music : kick, drums, bassline, pad, FX, and chord synths and some white noise effects. The template also includes some of the essential mixing tricks like side-chaining, compression, filter automation, channel grouping (bussing) and per-channel EQing.

Audio demo:

Miracles Volume 1 free progressive house template is available via Myloops; registration is required.

More info:

Miracles Volume 1 free progressive house template