Audio Animals release two free sample packs!

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audio-animals-freeAudio Animals have announced the release of two new free sample packs- Sounds Of The Concert Grand Piano and Sounds Of The Boxes.

Sounds Of The Concert Grand Piano is a collection of free samples created on a concert grand piano and featuring all 88 notes of the piano across the 8 octaves, both as short and long hits.

Sounds Of The Boxes contains samples created using a variety of boxes of different sizes, shapes and texture, which are aimed for percussive use or any creative way you see fit. Inside you’ll find a total of 213 percussion hits across 20 different box types.

All samples were recorded at 24/44.1 Khz and then mixed and mastered at Audio Animals Studios London by qualified and experienced engineers. Each sample has been meticulously processed on their custom SSL (Solid State Logic) and Maselec chain, featuring high quality SSL AD/DA converters and 52 channel summing mixer, 4k mono EQ and compressor, Super Analogue stereo EQ and compressor, as well as SSL VHD pre-amps.

Audio demo of Sounds Of The Concert Grand Piano:


  • Sounds Of The Concert Grand Piano:
    • 78.5 MB
    • 88 Long Hits
    • 88 Short Hits
  • Sounds Of The Boxes:
    • 5.8 MB
    • 213 Box Hits
    • 20 Box Types

All samples are royalty free for use in your own productions. In order to download them, registration at Audio Animals is required.

More info:

Audio Animals sample packs

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  1. Paul Ashmore Audio Animals Oct 7, 2014 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    Thanks for posting this guys. Have just released another sample pack which can be downloaded here :

    The Amen Break Re-Mastered 2014

    A collection of free samples created from the original amen break. Re-mastered by Audio Animals to bring this classic loop into the modern age.

    This pack contains:
    25.1 MB
    45 Loops
    19 Hits

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